Sunday 22 December 2013

Dronebeat SoundArt

Fleeting Glimpses of Human presence imposed on a Natural environment.

As a background Sound piece to the multi media, Deeping Lakes project, I have been working on a Drone with a beat. On top of this will be layered images and Natural Sounds.

The Sounds add texture and colour to the project as a whole and depict the Human interaction with a Natural environment. One is as Natural as the other. Electronic Sounds are as real as the sound waves formed by the wind.

The SoundCloud track is a considerably shorter version of the original which runs for 15 minutesl. 

Fleeting Glimpses of Human presence imposed on a Natural environment.

Monday 2 December 2013

The Twitcher

Winter has arrived and the Painting part of the Studio is colder than usual and not so inviting. So I thought it time to start working on some of the Sound Modules that will be part of The Deeping Lakes Project that I am working on.

During a recent visit to The Lakes I met this wonderful chap thoroughly enjoying the Countryside and wildlife in it. Meeting such passionate people is part of what makes life so worthwhile.

You can hear this module for the Deeping Lakes Soundscape Project on Soundcloud by following the link below.